Interplast Holland Training Scholarship

Interplast Holland provides scholarships to trainees wishing to study plastic surgery preferably within one of the Colleges of Surgeons training programmes in sub-Sharan Africa. This scholarship is targeted to talented individuals from low income families. A maximum of 1 scholarship will be available per year for the next 5 years.

 Objective: To increase surgical capacity building for plastic surgery in sub-Sharan Africa.

Application Deadline: 30.6.2021

Notification of Award: The winner of the award will be notified within a month after the decision has been reached by Interplast Holland scholarship committee.

  • The scholarship covers three years of plastic surgery training, starting from 1st year of the Colleges of Surgeons training programme.In exceptional circumstances the fellowship will include a general surgery program resident.
  • The potential applicants must have applied and been accepted in a hospital accredited for training in plastic surgery by Colleges of Surgeons training programme. It is the responsibility of applicant to find a training post and to obtain appropriate work permit and VISA from the host country of training.


Applicants should include a current Curriculum Vitae, a letter of support from the surgical training programme director of the hospital offering the training and a personal statement indicating future goals.

Completed application should be sent to Interplast Holland scholarship committee through the following email: info@interplastholland.nl

The Award is € 2.500 per year of study and will be administered through Interplast Holland.